What Is the Jordan Pass: Why & How to Get It

What Is the Jordan Pass Why and How to Get It
What Is the Jordan Pass Why and How to Get It Online.

When planning a trip to Jordan and depending on the time you stay in the country, it is safer that you need to get or buy the Jordan Pass. In this article, I will help you book this card or special pass that is very profitable if you go more than three nights (and four days in Jordan). If you want to go straight to get the Jordan Pass go to this link.

Why and how to get the Jordan Pass review
Why and how to get the Jordan Pass review.

What is the Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass is a tourist package that has been specially designed for visitors to Jordan who like you, want advantages. The Jordan Pass gives you the ability to get the most out of your trip to this dream country, visiting the main attractions saving time, money and stress.

Advantages of buying the Jordan Pass in advance

  • Prepaid or advance tickets at a reduced price for more than 40 attractions in the country including Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman, among other places of interest.
  • Have at your disposal the digital brochures that you can download and that cover the main and best tourist attractions of Jordan.
  • Avoid paying entry visa by buying the Jordan Pass before your arrival in Jordan and staying a minimum of three nights (4 days). NOT is possible to buy the Jordan Pass at the airport.
  • I was eight days and I took advantage of this pass to visit Petra three times because one visit is was not enough.
  • The Jordan Pass is not suitable for children under 12 years as they can enter the tourist sites for free if accompanied by their parents.

Is it profitable and convenient to buy the Jordan Pass?

If you are going to stay in Jordan for more than 3 nights (equivalent to 3 nights / 4 days) and you want to visit the main places of interest, YES it is profitable to book the Jordan Pass in advance.

The Jordan Pass is available in three categories to adapt to all types of visits. It goes from USD 99 to USD 118. To be honest, the difference is small between categories, so it is really worth paying the best Jordan Pass package that is the Jordan Expert that includes three visits to Petra.

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To see the updated exchange rate in your currency visit xe.com.

Step by step to get the Jordan Pass online

  • The official option is the government website. Although this website is not working properly sometimes or it is complicated when you want to pay by bank card. I was like this several times and I almost declined to buy the Jordan Pass, because it didn’t process my debit and credit card, so I recommend you do it easily with ivisa.
  • The second option the most recommended: you can do it through this link with support in English and other languages. I bought the most expensive one (Jordan Expert) because I wanted to enter Petra more times: day and night. If you want to go directly to buy do it from here.

Note: for both options, have your passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Jordan.

Once you have entered the link, it is only a matter of filling personal data as you see in the following window or image.

How to Get your Jordan Pass with iVisa.
How to Get your Jordan Pass with iVisa.

What is the best category of the Jordan Pass?

The best pass is the Jordan Expert, that’s the one I bought and allows you the following:

  • Visit three consecutive days to Petra.
  • Enter for free to more than 40 attractions in Jordan.
  • Have free and downloadable digital brochures.
  • Avoid paying entry visa if you buy the Jordan Pass before arrival in Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights (4 days). The price of the visa without Jordan Pass is about 50 euros, there you already have half the cost.

How the Jordan Pass works

  • Once you have purchased the Jordan Pass on this link you get prepaid access to more than 40 tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum. From UNESCO World Heritage sites to museums, castles, and much more. You can see the full list here.
  • Simply show your ticket at the entrance of each attraction included in the pass to be scanned. It is very simple!
  • The Jordan Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and expires automatically after 2 weeks from the first time it is scanned at the first tourist attraction.
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Frequent questions. FAQs

How much can you save with the Jordan Pass?

By buying before your arrival in Jordan you will save more than 150 USD and you will not be buying tickets for each attraction and queuing and wasting your time. So buying from here is a great advantage.

Can I buy the Jordan pass in Jordan?

You can buy the pass regardless of the number of nights you stay in Jordan, but part of the benefits is that it waives the visa fees (40 JDs) only if you are staying 3 consecutive nights and buy it before arrival to Jordan.

Does the Jordan Pass exempt from paying fees for multiple entry visas to Jordan?

No, the Jordan pass only exempts you from paying the fee for single or single entry visas, so if you want to get a multiple entry visa you will have to go to the neareast Jordanian consulate or embassy regarding your country of residency.

How long is the single entry visa valid?

The single entry visa is valid for one month, and can be easily extended from any police station by paying additional fees.

How to show that you will stay 3 nights in Jordan?

You do not have to prove anything when entering the country without paying the visa. Although, when leaving the country, the airport immigration system or agent will check if you stayed more than 3 nights. Otherwise, you will be directed to an office to proceed with the visa payment. So you do not escape paying the visa if you stay in Jordan for more than three nights.

What are the nationalities that allow you to obtain a visa when you arrive in Jordan?

Countries like the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and other Latin Americans. Also for other nations, you can check the following official link.

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When you arrive, in which borders of Jordan can you obtain the visa?

  • At the Amia Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.
  • And, on the border of Sheik Husein Bridge (border of the Jordan River).
  • At the Wadi Araba Border border (Eilat-Aqaba border), also known as the Yitzhak Rabin crossing. Only Jordan Pass holders who are going to stay a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan can obtain the visa.

How can you validate visa rights?

It is necessary to present the Jordan Pass at the visa office at the airport in order to validate its payment. They will be responsible for verifying and getting the passport stamp regarding to the entrance to Jordan.

What is the fee for an entry visa without the Jordan Pass?

Visa prices for a single entry without the Jordan Pass are 40 Jordanian Dinars (about 50 euros / 70 AUS to change).

Does the Jordan Pass allow its holders to cross the Wadi Araba border without a prior visa?

Yes, Jordan Pass holders with unrestricted nationalities can get a visa upon arrival at the Wadi Araba border.

Can unrestricted nationalities have a visa upon arrival at the Sheikh Hussein border (Jordan River border)?

Yes it is allowed.

Can you get a visa when you arrive at the King Hussein Bridge?

NO, this border does not issue visas upon arrival even if you have the Jordan Pass.

Do you need a visa to enter Jordan when you arrive at Aqaba airport?

  • For restricted nationalities: it is necessary to have an entry visa to Jordan, issued by the Jordanian embassy or consulate in advance.
  • For non-restricted nationalities: it is not necessary to have a visa to enter Jordan in the case of doing so through the Aqaba airport.

What nationalities are exempt from visa payment?

Citizens of the following countries: South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and the Vatican City.

What Arab nationalities are not exempt from visa payment?

Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Libya and Iraq.

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