How to Upload Content to Instagram from PC Without Apps

Constantly the range of possibilities opens up in the world of Social Media, including the ability to upload photos an videos (also IGTV) to Instagram from a computer, PC, Mac or laptop, in this case without using any programs or external applications. You just need to know some tricks or alternatives that I offer you in the following article. (I will update this post as changes that modify these options come out).

Instagram update 2017 – 2019

In April 2017, Instagram updated its mobile version. Since then, you have been able to upload your photos from the browser of your mobile or cell phone, without using the application. The web interface is very similar to the app. This suggests that Instagram wants to “capture” more users worldwide, and is achieving it since it has millions of ‘ig-ers’.

Upload photos from a mobile browser.

This function is very useful for those who do not have the application installed on their mobile phone, or if you want to save your data or megabytes when using the app.

The only slight inconvenience currently is that you cannot upload videos to Instagram in its mobile web version. Taking the above into account, we are now going to upload photos to Instagram from the web with the new option launched in 2019.

Facebook Creator Studio: the best way to upload content to Instagram from your computer

Now it is easier than ever to upload photos and now videos (also IGTV) to Instagram from your computer without the need for programs, just enter this link:

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This tool is especially for those who already have an Instagram business account. You can see more here: how to change your account from a personal to business on Instagram.

Upload photos, videos, and IGTV from PC on Creator Studio. How to upload content to Instagram

– When you enter the webpage, at the top (in the middle) you will see the Instagram logo with the message “… link your Instagram account”, you click here and if you already had an Instagram business account it will appear or it will ask you to link, follow the simple steps and you will be ready. You can add several Instagram accounts.

– Once all this is done, go to “create publication” on the left side, either for a Facebook page you manage or for Instagram. Choose the option and you can see statistics of Stories, photos, etc.

– You will see a page similar above and there you can publish or program on Instagram: upload photos or videos, choose the place, and other options. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

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