Why Mauritius Must Be Your Next Destination

Hotel Beachcomber Trou aux biches en Mauricio.
Hotel Beachcomber Trou aux biches en Mauricio.

I would have asked myself this just a few days ago, along with what is there to see in Mauritius? This little country with a big heart wasn’t even on my bucket list or immediate wish list, but you have to be here to understand that it draws you in from day one.

Bo y Greta el primer dia en Mauricio.
Bo and Greta enjoying their first time in Mauritius.

A Jewel in Africa

In case you did not know, Mauritius is an African country, as many people think that it is part of Asia or is linked to India. That could be the first mistake, but I don’t blame anyone. We don’t have to know where every country in the world is, although I have enjoyed learning about geography since I was a child. Even so, I was not planning to visit this island, until this enormous opportunity and responsibility came to inspire you to decide to travel to Mauritius.

Our first day in Mauritius.

It is real?

I remember that I saw many spectacular photos of Mauritius, although I must confess that sometimes I thought they had many filters or were retouched with Photoshop at best. While here I realized in the first person that this is REAL.

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius.

You have to live it when you have the opportunity to do so. It is not a country that is just around the corner but it is attainable being an open nation and with many way to have a great visit. Its inhabitants smile and are very friendly, their beaches are paradisiacal and have a unique color. The weather is good during the whole year and I can say more things and still fall short.

Welcome to Mauritius. No filters needed.
Welcome to Mauritius. No filters needed.

The day I flew from Paris to Mauritius there was a lot of turbulence. And there I wondered what is in Mauritius to mean you have to fly for 11 hours? As soon as I arrived those fears disappeared because of my desire to get to know the world.

¡Info!  Experiencia submarina en Mauricio con Blue Safari #MyMauritius
 My room at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius.
My room at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius.

The first edition

I am here thanks to the #MyMauritius ExplorerLab project that brought at least 30 travel bloggers from various parts of the world, to learn together about new trends in the sector, improve photography, writing and video-related techniques. As well as listening to experiences of several travel bloggers who are triumphing with their websites.

Taller de escritura con Julie Falconer de ALadyinLondon en Mauricio.
Travel Writing with Julie Falconer from ALadyinLondon.com in Mauritius.

The novelty of this project is that, instead of doing it in a typical conference venue, it has taken place in a spectacular environment allowing us at the same time take advantage of promoting the destination through our virtual windows, making known the many benefits , activities, tourist offer and more things that Mauritius has. Sounds good right? The “culprits” responsible for aranging this “amazingly crazy event” are the Mauritius Tourist Office and iambassador who have joined forces to make it a reality.

Heritage resorts en Mauricio.
Heritage resorts in Mauritius.

In addition, today as I write this post, I dared to overcome or manage my fear of closed spaces, when experiencing for the first time traveling in a submarine. We plunged over 40 meters under the sea and witnessed some of those experiences that cannot be forgotten overnight.

Peces vistos durante el submarino en Mauricio.
Blue Safari Submarine in Mauritius.

If you’re curious, look for the team at Blue Safari Mauritius, who have several very cool water activities that will make your trip to Mauritius unforgettable.

¡Viajeros! Hoy ha sido uno de las mejores experiencias hasta ahora. Primera vez en un submarino a 40 metros bajo el mar,…

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And you will still wondering why Mauritius?

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