Many European capitals are full of curiosities and this amazing city is definitely no exception. Therefore, I present a series of top facts about Bucharest that will help you better understand this beautiful and often little known capital of Romania.

Top facts about Bucharest.
Top facts about Bucharest.

1. Is it Bucharest?

Many travelers confuse the name of Bucharest with Budapest (the capital of Hungary). Even that, some celebrities including Michael Jackson made this unintentional error publicly whilst he was performing at a concert. Likewise, in 2012 many fans of the Atlético de Bilbao football club, had the same confusion when booking air tickets to see an important match in the capital of Romania. Whilst this mix up is not the end of the world, it is better to be clear which is which and avoid confusion.

2. The Arch of Triumph of Bucharest

Bucharest has its own Arc de Triomphe or Arcul de Triumf in Romanian. It is very similar to its famous namesake in Paris, but with smaller dimensions. If you have the option to go up to its terrace, you will be 27 meters above the ground. Along with other monuments in Bucharest, they are part of the symbols that commemorate the participation of Romania in the First World War, and the different victories achieved during this episode of history.

3. A Little Paris in Bucharest

Although comparisons are sometimes not pleasant, Bucharest is known as the “Little Paris”, because, between 1900 and 1930, this elegant capital was considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe of the period. With the Arc de Triomf and other buildings, you will realize that there is a clear reason for such recognition.

4. It also has its Champs Elysees

Continuing with its closeness to France in terms of architecture and other details, Bucharest also has its own “Champs Elysees” which is the Boulevardul Unirii. This time the Romanian version beats the Parisians in size by at least five meters as well as being wider than the famous street in the capital of France.

5. The gigantic Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament of Romania or House of the People is one of the largest buildings in Bucharest. At the same time, it is the second-largest public building in the world, surpassed only by the famous Pentagon in the United States of America. To enable its construction many historic buildings were demolished including the homes of thousands of inhabitants.

6. The first and most important street

Victoria Street or Calea Victoriei was one of the first streets to be illuminated with oil lamps, as it was an emblematic place of the period. Nowadays it forms an extensive main road, where you can find many things to see in the historic center of Bucharest.

7. Bucharest and its ancient buildings

In Bucharest there are many very old buildings that are at risk of collapse, making it dangerous to be near them. To be clear when this is the case, you can see a large red round sign near the main entrance of each construction. This deterioration of sites occurs so much that the beautiful hotel on Victoria Street cannot open its doors, because it has as a neighbor a very old and deteriorated building, and the insurance company does not want to take the risk of injury.

8. The most beautiful bookstores in the world

Bucharest has one of the most beautiful bookstores on the planet. Named  Cărtureşti Carusel it occupies a spectacular building of the nineteenth century restored and reopened in 2015. It has more than ten thousand editions and a cafe on the top floor where you can spend some enjoyable time split between drinks and “devouring” books from around the world.

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8 Amazing Facts About Bucharest That You Should Know

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