How to Get the Evisa or eTA For New Zealand Online

From July 1, 2019 to enter New Zealand as visitors you have to pay 35 New Zealand dollars (NZD) regardless of nationality. In addition, from October 2019, you must get the Electronic Travel Authorization. In this article I will explain some information to know before traveling and how to get the eTA for New Zealand from the computer or PC.

Travel to New Zealand with the Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA)

The government of New Zealand has introduced since July 2019 a tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) that has a fee of NZD 35 or about USD 24.

In addition, it launched a requirement that will be mandatory from October to enter New Zealand with the Electronic Travel Authority (eTA). This special permit can be requested online and is mandatory for the 60 countries that do not need a visa to travel to New Zealand.

Who needs to get the eTA for New Zealand

– Passport holders from the 60 visa exemption countries must apply for an NZeTA before traveling to the country, even if they are traveling through New Zealand or transit on a trip to a final destination. The eTA for New Zealand is valid for a total of 2 years. There are all the countries of the European Union, as well as nations of Asia, Oceania and America (such as the United States, Canada). Anyway you can check it out the image belove.

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Passport holders from the 60 visa exemption countries must apply for an NZeTA before traveling to the country.
Passport holders from the 60 visa exemption countries must apply for an NZeTA before traveling to the country.

– In the list of these countries are Spain, and Latin Americans: Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

– The only country that will be exempt from this special permit is Australia. Permanent residents in Australia must get the eTA for New Zealand but won’t pay the tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

Validity and cost of Electronic Travel Authorization to New Zealand

The travel authorization to New Zealand has a maximum validity of 2 years and serves multiple entries as long as it is valid. The authorization number online is electronically linked to the passport and it is necessary to print to show it when arriving in New Zealand.

– The cost is 9 NZD through an app or 12 NZD through the special website. To see the approximate change in your currency, you can use the In total it comes with the tax 47 NZD or about 32 USD.

– If you do not want to complicate yourself, you can apply for the eTA to New Zealand with ivisa and its easy form here and within 30 minutes.

– For aircraft and ship crews regardless of their nationality they will have to apply for a special permit called CREW eTA that will be valid for 5 years.

Requirements to apply online to Evisa or NZeTA in New Zealand

– A valid passport of one of the 60 nationalities mentioned with at least three months of validity from the intention of departure.

– A debit or credit bank card for the payment of the eTA and the tourist tax totaling about 32 USD.

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– An email for notifications and receive the eTA.

– Other personal information that will be required in the online form.

Options to process the E-Visa or eTA to New Zealand Online

On the iVisa website. This is the easiest way I found and is used by more readers every month. I also use it for the different visas they offer around the world. This company has a “zero frustration policy” and attention 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Be sure to fill out the form well and that’s it, they will manage your electronic visa to New Zealand in 30 minutes and send it to you by email.

On the website of the New Zealand government. You do it on your own by following the instructions all in English. If you do something wrong or forget to attach a document, you will not have a second chance and you will have to pay everything for a new application according to the terms and conditions. I have read in forums and many travelers have problems and inconveniences with the government site, so I suggest using iVisa.

As you can see, there is currently only one governmental way to manage the eTA to New Zealand, and it is through the official website that the government has made available to travelers. In addition to this medium, there is the iVisa website that help you to easily manage your visa in easy steps.

Useful resources for your trip to New Zealand

Now that there is more peace of mind with the electronic visa to New Zealand, it only remains to use the resources below so that your trip is the best possible:

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Travel insurance

Always remember to travel the world with Travel Insurance. As a a reader of the blog, you have a 5% discount that you can apply here.

Tour and excursions around New Zealand

Here you can see and book tours and excursions throughout New Zealand.

VPN for internet connections in New Zealand

To use the internet in countries with restrictions and also to use safely free public Wi-Fi whilst protecting your data, I recommend buying VPNExpress to navigate in New Zealand while taking care of your privacy.

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