Egypt Evisa Online: How to Process Step by Step On The Internet

Egypt Evisa Online How to Process Step by Step On The Internet.
Egypt Evisa Online How to Process Step by Step On The Internet.

Find the best option to obtain the Egypt Evisa online.

Traveling to Egypt from Australia, America, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or any destination in the world to see the pyramids and Cairo by plane, is a dream for most people. A trip of great cultural value that combines history and curiosities.

If you want to go directly, get your eVisa to Egypt now. 100% process with customer service support.

It is a dream in my case. For this great reason, I am planning to get the visa to Egypt as a tourist, and I have read that now all the management of the electronic visa or e-Visa can be done online. Currently, this option is available for 46 countries, including EU countries and those in Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand).

What is Egypt eVisa Online?        

The electronic visa for Egypt is a new system that is completed online by filling in a simple online form, all this from the comfort of your computer at home, work, etc.

All communication in this process will be by email. You will receive the electronic visa from Egypt to the email address that you have included in your application.

The Egypt EVisa

In order to make the processes shorter, the Egyptian government launched the project with the e-Visa, to accelerate the process when arriving or arriving in the country at border control, which can sometimes be onerous, hence this alternative is useful to arrive with the task done and to not have any inconvenience when arriving in Egypt.

At present, the countries not mentioned in the image or list will have to manage the visa at the respective consulates or embassy of Egypt, or upon arrival in the country with the so-called Visa On Arrival.

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The process appears to be simple.

The price of the Visa to Egypt in 2023

The cost of the single entry e-Visa to Egypt is 25 USD (+processing fee of 30 USD) and for a multiple entry visa the price is 60 USD.

To avoid complications or denials of the visa, I suggest you manage the visa through an authorized agency that has the ‘zero frustration policy’, where you will also have support in multiple languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your eVisa to Egypt from here.

The countries that can get the visa to Egypt online

The application of the e-Visa for Egypt must be made at least seven (7) days in advance of entering the country.

Countries that can process the Electronic Visa to Egypt.
Countries that can process the Electronic Visa to Egypt.

The main requirements to travel and enter Egypt

– Passport valid for at least six (6) months from entry.

– E-Visa printed.

– Travel itinerary. You can search options with Skyscanner or Omio.

– Letter of support for the trip: invitation, letter from the company, etc.

Accommodation reservations (hotels) or details of places to visit.

Travel Insurance to Egypt

I always recommend Travel Insurance for any incident. Here is an option to see and buy the policy that is best for you.

Manage the visa to Egypt through a reliable company

In order to simplify and save time, you can also manage your electronic visa to Egypt through the company with which I collaborate: iVisa using a simple form. You will only pay a management fee of 39 USD, in addition to the price of the e-Visa itself.

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With this company, you will have a customer service available 24 hours a day, every day.

iVisa: recommended website to manage your visa to Egypt by 2023

In the past, I have managed my electronic visa with India to travel to Kerala through iVisa several times, and everything was simple and fast, hence my recommendation.

Recommendations before traveling to Egypt

In this link you will find some useful tips to prepare your trip to Egypt.

Also, once you have an electronic visa, you can view and book tours and excursions in Egypt from your computer or mobile.

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